Archos - Faulty tablet .lost in post

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we bought are son archos tablet for christmas .since buying it hes proberley used for about a month in total.had to send it bk 4 times with fault with charging the tablet.every time returned came bk with a newone same happend again and again.last time we sent it bk archos lost it this is were are problems started they said they couident give use a new one till they finde it 5 months on my little boy still hasent got his tablet bk.its disgusting the way archos have treated use .they say there manager will call use and email use witch has never happend.all they do is fob u of i wouid never buy anything of this firm again.were currentley geting advice of watch dog so hopefully they will name and shame use for the way use have treated use thanks for *** all

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Archos - Worst customer service ever

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Update by user Apr 09, 2013

i recieved an email saying it has been 30 days since i posted my complaint about the archos is my update

after weeks of trying in vain to contact customet service regarding my broken archos arnova 7" 7G3 tablet i gave up and asked for my money back.they tried to say " it will take 4 to 6 weeks" for them to prosses our request and return the money, however we mad such a noise that it was returned to our account within 3 days.

still dont know what ever became of that tablet, and never again will i do any type of deal with archos. the customer service and customer care does not exist with them, before you purchase anything from archos, read the reviews all of them not just the good ones.

had i read the bad reviews i would have not dealt wqith that rotton with the mmoney they returned i added a small amount to it and bought an IBM thinkpad T42 and it is an amazing 14" laptop, but more on that later,lolo

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my wife purchased an archos arnova 7G3 for my birthday, it was purchased on December 22,2012, i received it December 29Th 2012 and three weeks later it stopped accepting a charge to the battery so we returned archos' terms of service it states that they will get all repairs completed within 10 days and return the product, well it has been in their repair shop well over a month now, so i emailed arnova at and did not get a reply, i waited a week and emailed them guessed it, no reply, so...i emailed them again and still no reply, not a i went on a few review sites and discovered that my experience with archos bad (no) customer service is not an isolated case.

buyer beware...archos does not care at all about you or their image.

there is literally NO customer service and their products are not worth the actual "price" you pay.i will never ever buy from archos again and i would advise everyone else to not buy their products.


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Agree whole heartedly.I have sent FOUR emails.

I just sat on hold for twenty minutes and a woman finally answered. Though she was polite, I can't believe there are no archos repair facilities for after the warranty expires. So if it breaks, you're done. I surely did not get my money's worth from this device.

Wow, what a way to drive business away.I will surely never again order an Archos device.

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yes absolutely, i went to our neighborhood computer store after i pruchased my 14" IBM to add mosr RAM for it and the discussion came up about archos, when i told the guy at the counter MY story about archos arnova 7 G3 he just smiled and said "we will soon be no longer doing business with ARCHOS, and if we accept them for returns or repairs, we warn our customers as to how long they will actually wait, and may never get thier issue resolved"...that really says alot about a company. i am sorry that you had to go through the same thing that myself and i am most sure , many others have to and will go through with this rottten company. :upset

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I agree, I contacted Customer Service and the guy was so arrogant told me that "people on the forum say so many things about negative/faulty products, but they never say anything about the good products and that planes have faulty products as well", to prove some point in not replacing the faulty product. I paid an over-priced item which lasted just over a year, and they don't do no returns over the year and they don't do repairs or anything either. Really terrible quality, don't buy them, because they are faulty, I saw this product is faulty and I told them, yet they do nothing about it, I also asked Curry's where I bought it and they also told me that it is defective and they are not responsible, because they don't make them.

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